Local organization encouraging community to help ‘Keep Chatham County Beautiful’ by recycling



Every day, Americans are sending more than five pounds of trash per person, into landfills, according to the Associated Press.

That’s why when it comes to conservation, every effort counts.

And one local organization is making it easy for you to do your part.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgians are sending almost 41/2 pounds of garbage to landfills every day.

But a local organization called Keep Chatham Beautiful wants you to think twice before you throw things in the trash-or even worse, on the ground.

“Studies have shown that clean communities are vibrant and the people living there-the inhabitants-are happy living there,” said Kelly Collingsworth a Board Member for the Keep Chatham Beautiful organization.

And in an effort to make Chatham County a happier, healthier and green-er place to live, they’re offering something called “litter kits.”

One is mobile-allowing you to pick up trash wherever you go, at your own pace and includes:

“The trash bags, the ‘litter reachers’, we’ve got these lovely t-shirts and the neon safety green t-shirts…”

Or if you’re having a party you can grab one of their blue recycle bins for your event.

“We want to make it easy for the individuals or the groups so it’s at their convenience, and whatever works best for them. We’re so appreciative for the help so we will work around anyone’s schedule,” Collingsworth told News 3.

And a little time out of your schedule is all you need, because using the “litter kits” won’t cost you a dime!

And once you bring your full bins and bags back to the center…

“Some of the materials are used here at the center and then the other ones are sold and kept out of the landfill,” said Collingsworth.

Which is ultimately the goal…

“The goal is, we understand that it’s taking the extra step to sort what would have been garbage. And again, getting people to re-think the way they do things, the way they think about their trash. These are commodities, they can be recycled, reused, use less resources, conserving resources-you know,it benefits everyone,” Collingsworth said.

And if you’d like to be a part of the initiative and start using a kit yourself:

-You can call the Chatham County Resource Conservation and Recycling Center: (912)-790-1647–Or–

-You can contact them via e-mail at keepchathambeautiful@gmail.com

***REMEMBER: Both kits are free!

More information about the Keep Chatham Beautiful Initiative:  http://bit.ly/1Nk0ld1

Click here for more information about the Chatham County Recycling Center: http://bit.ly/23pB9Dy

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