SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Agriculture officials have safely removed the first yellow-legged hornet nest found in the U.S.

The nest was discovered in the Savannah area, where the first yellow-legged hornet in the country was spotted by a local beekeeper just weeks ago.

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper called the discovery “a huge win” for the state’s agriculture industry, as the non-native species is a threat to honey production and native pollinators.

“Thanks to our vigilant citizens, partners at UGA Extension, and USDA, we’ve now eradicated the first, and what we hope will be the last, yellow-legged hornet nest within days of its discovery,” Harper stated. “We ask that the public continue to stay vigilant and report any additional suspected sightings of this species to the GDA.”

Hornet sightings can be reported on the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s website or via email at

The nest was found approximately 85 feet off the ground in a tree in a residential area, according to the GDA. Cypermethrin was used to kill the yellow-legged hornets before the nest was cut out of the tree.

Officials say the GDA will continue to monitor the area for any other nests that might be present.

According to the GDA, the yellow-legged hornet is native to tropical and subtropical areas of Southeast Asia. It’s also established in most of Europe, parts of the Middle East and parts of Asia where it isn’t native.