Years of research leads to shocking discovery about American war hero Casimir Pulaski

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Twenty-three years of research has led to a shocking discovery. New findings suggest American hero General Casimir Pulaski was actually biologically female.

Wednesday night, Georgia Southern will screen a documentary based on that information, which was gathered by graduate students there. 

A team of Anthropologists came to this discovery by examining remains using state of the art DNA testing. The research began over two decades ago with a man named Chuck Powell. 

“When my dad told me he was going to retire the project I actually got really teary-eyed because I didn’t want to see him pass and not have an answer for this life long thing that he had been working on,” said Lisa Powell, his daughter and a graduate student at Georgia Southern.

Powell has continued to search for that answer alongside forensic anthropologists Dr. Virginia Hutton Estabrook.

The question was, were the remains they found actually Casimir Pulaski and if so was he intersex?

“We’ve done away with that if clause because now we actually do know that it was Pulaski in this monument,” said Hutton Estabrook, “And now we can really open up this question versus being like being yea maybe we are not sure, or it would be interesting if it were, verses like this is Pulaski, so now we have to interpret what’s going on with these remains.”

Pulaski’s pelvic remains are part of the evidence that points to him being biologically female.

“Pulaski, which we know lived and thrived in a military environment you know was a gregarious person who lead his troops into to battle and yet had an intersex type condition than to me that makes it an even more compelling story that someone with a condition like this is able to thrive and become the father of American cavalry,” said Powell.

She and Hutton-Estabrook said it’s through the support of Smithsonian that they were able to share Pulaski’s story with the world. 

The prescreening of “America’s Hidden Stories: The General was Female?” will take place on Georgia Southern’s Armstrong campus Wednesday night at 7 p.m. The official premiere is Monday at 8 p.m. on the Smithsonian channel.

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