Wounded baby whale gets antibiotic shot to improve grim odds

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This photo taken by an aerial survey team for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission shows an injured right whale calf swimming alongside its mother about 8 miles off the coast of Georgia on Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020. Conservationists say the newborn right whale was suffering from deep cuts on either side of its head, dismaying conservationists who closely monitor the southeast U.S. coast during winter for births among the critically endangered species. ( Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission via AP)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Scientists have given an antibiotic shot to a badly injured baby whale off the coast of Florida, hoping to improve what they say are grim odds for the endangered sea animal.

Barb Zoodsma of the National Marine Fisheries Service said Thursday a boat crewed by experts injected the right whale calf in waters off Fernandina Beach using a syringe fired from an air gun.

The young whale has severe cuts, likely caused by a boat propeller, on top of its head and to its mouth.

An aerial survey team first spotted the wounded whale and its mother off the coast of Georgia last week.

The boat crew that injected the whale calf Wednesday included veterinarian Hendrik Nollens.

He said odds are still against the baby whale surviving.

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