SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Erica Manion’s first week in the Hostess City has been anything but hospitable.

She moved down to Savannah from New York City on June 12 to be closer to her ailing father, only to find debris illegally dumped in her yard and bullet holes in the side of her house from a shootout that took place three days prior to her arrival.

“This is a permanent move for me, this is my home now,” said Manion. “Four bullet holes in my house and a fifth in the tree just three days before I moved in.”

Trash dumping has also been an issue on her property.

Tires, cabinets, wiring, a vacuum, metal pipe and an assortment of other belongings have all been dumped just feet from a city “No Dumping” sign in the corner of her yard. On Monday, city sanitation removed some of the items but left the tires and other smaller debris.

“They were here when I moved in on the 12th. They remain sitting here. So, there is the no dumping sign right there. You can see the remnants of all the garbage,” added Manion.

Debris Manion found when she arrived to her home.

City of Savannah code states that if the trash is on private property, it’s the responsibility of the owner to clean it up unless it’s considered an unusually large amount. If it’s in the right of way of the street, the city must remove it.

“Officers either see it or if it’s reported, we’ll investigate. Then we’ll leave a violation notice at the property for the property owner,” said Savannah Code Compliance Department Director Kevin Milton.

“Illegal dumping’s a huge problem all across the city, so there are many people in her similar situation,” he added, “and we do the best we can to address them all.”

If you have a request, it’s recommended to follow up with the city’s code compliance department and city sanitation services to ensure that the trash is removed.

If you’re having an issue with trash dumping on your property or wish to make a service request through the city, you can dial the city’s hotline at 311 to make your request.