SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock described the signing of Monday’s multi-billion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill as a huge step in the right direction — not just for coastal Georgia, but the state as a whole.

“This bipartisan infrastructure bill is going to make once in a generation investments that will strengthen our economy, help working families and push us in the direction of creating a green energy future that’s worthy of all of our children,” said Warnock.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill, or the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, includes upgrades to roadways and bridges, improving Georgia’s ports to help current supply chain delays, upgrades to flood mitigation efforts and expansions to rural broadband access across the state.

“I’m grateful for this once-in-a-century investment in the future of broadband, in public transportation,” Warnock said. “We’ve got some $1.4 billion for public transportation in Georgia in this bill, $30 million just for Savannah alone.”

Senator Warnock says some of these advancements can’t come soon enough, especially expansions to broadband internet. Currently, 10% of Georgians don’t have access to internet service, while roughly 40% of the state only has access to one provider.

“Broadband is now to the 21st century what electricity and electric lights were to the 20th century,” Warnock said. “You can’t even farm without broadband. When you’re talking about telehealth, when you’re talking about the digital divide that separates poor children from children with some means.”

The bill also includes an amendment that moves Georgia closer to expanding I-14 from Texas through Augusta, further helping connect schools and hospitals to more rural Georgian communities.

Georgians can expect to start noticing some of these improvements in early 2022.