SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – When it comes to making your mental health a priority, there are lots of things to consider. How do you find the right therapist? What kind of therapy will best meet your needs? Do you need a licensed therapist or can a life coach help?

Mary Jo Horton is lending her expertise as the Manager of Behavioral Health at Memorial Health to help us sort through what you need to know.

Here are some of her points for discussion, and be sure to watch the full interview above.

Process of connecting to therapy
– Understanding the benefits and caution for telehealth
– Ensure agency meets all guidelines and ethics
– Ensure your treatment plan and consents are thorough
– Discuss safety and how treatment will be monitored

Interviewing your potential therapist
– Reflect beforehand on previous experience and expectations
– Ask what models of therapy they use and why
– Tune into your sense of connection and ensure a good fit

Exploring what therapy works for you
– Don’t worry about being an expert, reflect on how you learn
– Ask lots of questions, and be cautious of internet research
– Challenge yourself to try and then monitor effectiveness