SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Many local businesses want to remind the community they are still open for business, even if their doors are locked.

“You can still get a gift. You can still get the essential oils that you need to help relax and clean and sanitize your home,” said Shoshanna Walker, owner of Nourish.

Nourish and Pelindaba Lavender both recently closed their Savannah retail locations to foot traffic. Now, the businesses are making changes to continue to meet the demand of their customers.

“We’ve seen a big increase in especially our hand sanitizers and our hydrosol. Those are going to be our front-and-center products for disinfecting,” said Sierra Grady, a manager at Pelindaba Lavender.

Pelindaba Lavender has begun providing curbside pickup and home delivery options for their products.

“To be able to give them a little bag of anxiety relief and bringing down their anxiety and giving them just a time to be calm and peaceful, that makes me feel really good,” said Grady.

Nourish is also offering curbside pickup at their Abercorn location in Savannah. Walker says providing these options have been very popular with her customers.

“They want to support their local soap company and even telling us that they’re stocking up when they don’t need it just to provide support. So that makes us really happy,” said Walker.

Both agree business has been relatively slow for this time of year because of the coronavirus outbreak. Yet, they are happy to do what they can to provide for the community.

“I think Savannah is really good at supporting each other,” said Walker. “So I think we’ll get through this.”