JESUP, Ga. (WSAV) – Law enforcement in Wayne County said area schools are safe after a threat of violence Thursday.

Officials said the Jesup Police Department and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office were notified of the possible school threat in the early morning hours.

Officers and deputies responded to several schools in the area and requested help from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency K9 units to assist in firearm and explosives detection.

“Due to the multi-agency response and the cooperation of those agencies, the response was swift and effective,” a joint statement from the police department and sheriff’s office read. “No threats to student safety were found as a result of the search at any of our schools.”

Officials didn’t provide details as to which schools law enforcement responded to. Though officials said officers and deputies have continued to monitor the schools throughout the day.

We greatly appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we continue to assess this incident, and with the faculty and staff at our schools as they continue to prioritize the safety of our students.

Any threat to our student body is taken very seriously by your local law enforcement agencies and this incident will be investigated to the fullest extent. Steps are currently being taken to contact social media platforms to assist in identifying the source of the threats made against the student body.

Exerpt of joint statement from Jesup Police Department and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

Anyone with information on this case or other school threats is urged to immediately contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office at 912-427-5970 or the Jesup Police Department at 912-427-1300.