WATCH: Shots injure soldier at Hinesville party, neighbors say police could have stopped it

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Some people in Hinvesville want police to take a closer look at what led to a shooting that left a local soldier injured on Friday night. They say it happened during a house party in a quiet residential neighborhood. 

And according to neighbors, it’s nothing new. They say the hosts of the party have one every weekend. People who live near the house party tell News 3 they are scared of stray bullets hitting them in the middle of the night. And they think another party will happen again if police do not start taking action.

“This is terrible,” said Harold Nolan, who lives nearby. “This shouldn’t be happening in our neighborhood… but it is.” 

Nollan says it started at 10:30 on Friday night when Hinesville Police heard loud music coming from the home on Pineland Avenue. Nolan says police showed up and left without doing an investigation.

“If that would have happened, the shooting incident would not have taken place. It would not have happened,” he said. 

But it did. It happened at 12:30 p.m., according to Nolan.  He says he heard two separate people fire rounds right near his house. Hinesville Police say a Fort Stewart soldier was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital. The soldier was released. 

Fort Stewart officials and police did not identify the soldier.

“This is a quiet neighborhood,” said Nolan. “We don’t have that kind of stuff happening in this neighborhood. And that being the case, it alarmed me.” 

Nolan and his neighbors captured the chaotic scene on camera. He says people ran, screamed and sped away in cars for twenty minutes before Hinesville Police showed up a second time.

“The city needs to take a look at the procedures and programs and determine if they can actually prevent this,” said Nolan. “I think the solution would be to do some preventive policing.”

Hinesville Police say Ricky Barret was the only one arrested on Friday night. He is charged with giving false information to police. He is out of the Liberty County jail on $650 bond. 

On Saturday, Hinesville Police told News 3 they did not have any more information. They say they expect to make more arrests.

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