Voice of the Viewer: Yard overgrowth concerns for one Savannah resident

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A local Savannah woman reached out to News 3 for help. She says an abandoned lot next to her home is overgrown with vegetation. She received a letter from the city saying she’s responsible for cleaning the property.
“It was a real ugly letter telling me that I had to clean it up within 7 days but this is not my lot. My lot is over here. I live at 1814. I don’t live over there,” said Ilona Griffin.
Griffin tells News 3 a home used to sit on the Delesseps Avenue property but she says the house burned down.
“Nobody ever cleaned up the yard after that . . . I cleaned it up at times half of it so it wouldn’t grow over to my property but it costs me money and I didn’t get reimbursed for that. So now I feel like the owner should clean it up,” said Griffin.
The lot next door is overgrowing with vegetation and has collected trash that has made its way into her yard.
“I’ve called The City for one year. 3-11 nothing happened,” said Griffin.
News 3 reached out to District 2 Alderman John Hall to get to the bottom of the issue. Alderman Hall tells News 3 the letter was sent to Griffin as an error.
“It was meant to be sent to 1812 Delesseps and it somehow was transcribed as 1814 which is incorrect. She was in compliance in her property it was the property that was next door and we sincerely apologize,” said Hall.
Griffin hopes the apology turns into action to get the next door lot cleaned up in a timely fashion.
“So that the city will clean it up and send whoever the owner is the bill. Who wants to look at this yard over here? Nobody.”
It’s still unclear how long the city will take to get the owner of the property to clean up the lot but News 3 is working to get a timeline of the clean up effort.

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