Video circulating on social media shows disturbing assault on Savannah teen

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A Savannah teen is recalling the moments after he was attacked by two men and it was all caught on camera. The teen said it was a situation provoked by his own mother.

The Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) is now investigating the video that shows Tyler Goodman, 15, being assaulted repeatedly on Thursday night. News 3 spoke with the teen and his uncle to learn what happened.

“Everyone’s seen this video and it’s traumatizing,” Goodman’s uncle, Jason Gaines said.

The altercation happened after Goodman allegedly stole $10 in quarters from his mom.

In the video, you can hear Goodman’s mom yelling at him, “where’s the (expletive) money?” He said she allowed the men to attack him after bringing him to the backyard.

“When that all went down she was very upset, and she was like ‘Tyler, I know you took my quarters. Where are my quarters at? If you don’t have my quarters by the time I come back then you will be in trouble’,” Goodman told News 3.

Goodman said for at least 10 minutes he laid huddled on the ground defenseless.

“I would think a parent should discipline their child by themselves and not have somebody else do it for them. So honestly, what that makes me think is I’m unloved from my mom,” Goodman said.

According to the CCPD, Goodman filed a police report on Saturday. They then contacted the Department of Family and Children’s Services to make sure he was safe. Goodman now lives with his uncle who said he wants justice served for all involved.

“This was a mother’s attack on her child, and if she was willing to call people to attack her child this way, then what’s to say that she wouldn’t send them to finish the job,” Gaines said.

“To know that my mom did this, I wouldn’t feel safe going back home. To know that she would call somebody random to get me jumped, who knows what can happen next,” Goodman said.

CCPD told News 3 that adults have been questioned and the investigation continues.

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