SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A new art exhibit is in Savannah this weekend designed to start a dialogue between war veterans struggling after coming home and civilians through artwork. 

“We do this to blur the line between veteran and civilian, thereby creating a dialogue between them, and thereby reinforcing the support and responsibility we have within one another,” said Robert Leheup, founder of Bullets and Bandaids.

The exhibit brings together veterans processing their experiences in service with writers and artists who volunteer to listen to their stories and interpret them through interactive art.

Leheup says it’s about being heard. 

“We provide a platform for veterans to tell their truth, one way or the other, there is no judgment,” said Leheup. “And by the time we have handed that truth to a civilian writer, and then handed that written work to a civilian artist, and put it together into a book and toured, we can not only guarantee that they can speak their truth, we can guarantee that truth is heard.”

Leheup says he got the idea for the exhibit from struggling with his own mental health after serving two combat tours for the Marines.  

“Once I was given the opportunity to not only tell my story but know that it was heard, it allowed the style of dialogue that allowed me to heal, to grow, to reach out to want to be better as opposed to feeling alone,” he said.

The effort to bring the exhibit to savannah was spearheaded by Alderwoman Kesha Gibson-Carter, who tells News 3, in part: “My family is filled with military veterans and service members. As a supporter and lover of local art, I was delighted to help facilitate the veteran-focused art exhibit by Bullets and Bandaids.” 

And for Leheup, he expects people who come to the exhibit to leave with lasting impacts. 

“This is the first time we’ve been in Savannah and we’ve been supported by a lot of different people which has been wonderful,” he said. “I do know that whoever it is that does show up is going to more than likely get more than they expected from it.”

The founders of Bullets and Bandaids hope to expand their work and bring to light the stories of veterans from all over the world. 

The exhibit will be open Friday and Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m. at Savannah Station event hall (601 Calhoun Street).

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