HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) — Officials say Hilton Head Island Middle School was vandalized last month. Those damages are costing more than a million dollars to repair, according to a service report by ServPro.

The Beaufort County School District said a group of people defaced the school a couple of times last month.

“This ended up being a much bigger deal than any of us would have anticipated,” said Robert Oetting, chief operations officer of the Beaufort County School District.

They spray-painted almost anything and everything in sight. According to the service report, more than 75 classrooms were tagged. Bathrooms and hallways were damaged, too.

The initial police report said the people threw some sort of liquid in the auditorium.

“It’s some type of liquid was thrown across the auditorium, on chairs, floors, stuff like that,” said Master Sgt. Daniel Allen with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. “Bottles of shampoo and conditioners were found. But if that’s the actual contents, you know, but that, those bottles were found.”

They also defaced the gym, cafeteria and locker rooms. School officials said not just once but the people damaged the school twice.

“In two occasions, actually. We think students or people got into the building, they spray painted some areas and released some fire extinguishers,” Oetting said.

The school district said repairing the school is a big undertaking. At one point, there were nearly a hundred people cleaning the school.

“And if you went into that building, so we had a hundred workers in there with the contractor, we had 80 workers in there with ServPro, it was an ant’s nest of workers,” Oetting said. “It was kind of unreal to walk through that door.”

The sheriff’s office said it’s an active investigation, so they can’t discuss any possible suspects. Officials also don’t know how the people got inside the school.

The report said the repairs should be done by Aug. 14. With Beaufort County schools set to welcome students back on Aug. 21, it shouldn’t have an impact when school starts.