SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The famous Johnny Harris restaurant closed its doors in 2016. Since then the lot has been vacant. However, that could soon change.

The site of the former restaurant is a part of a 16 parcel development that has already been approved for zoning. In that area residents could soon have a supermarket, possibly an Aldi’s. Along with close to 300 apartment units in other vacant lots surrounding the former Johnny Harris site.

Yet, city officials like alderwoman Linda Wilder-Bryan want to make sure it has a positive impact on the city as well as surrounding residents.

“Something good for the community,” says Wilder-Bryan. “You know something that’s going to positively impact you know the residents and the city as a whole.”

As of now nothing is set in stone.

“Now we are waiting to see what their design plan is going to be,” said Wilder-Bryan. “So we can always go back to the drawing board to make sure we get it right…make sure it’s a win-win and make sure it doesn’t negatively impact the people.”

Some concerns residents have that could negatively impact their day to day lives are parking and traffic. At this time we don’t know how that might play out.

First, a development plan of what it will look like has to be submitted and reviewed before anything else can be done.