BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Tonight, we have learned there is yet another investigation happening in the Bulloch County School District.

Earlier this week we showed you this video. In the video is seventh-grade social studies teacher Marc Rountree shoving a seventh-grade student into a set of lockers. Rountree has since been suspended for 60 days without pay.

Tonight, the school district tells the WSAV Investigative Unit, since we broke this story, it can confirm that the video of the incident was shared by a teacher in a classroom. 

In a statement, the district says:

 “[It is] aware that the publicly posted video of the incident at one of our schools was viewed in a classroom with students as part of a teacher-led, teacher supervised class activity.”

Bulloch County School District

The student seen being shoved was not in that classroom. The school district telling us this is an open investigation and can’t say anything else about it.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned from the student in the video’s family, they are not happy about the teacher’s punishment, and believe more should have been done, adding the family has retained a lawyer.

We’ve also learned that a deputy from the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office did take a report after the student was shoved, that was back in December, but did not charge the teacher or student with a crime.