TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — The promoters that brought Orange Crush to Tybee Island will be back with another festival soon. It’s called “Turnt Island.” 

The last Orange Crush event was surrounded by controversy. It brought thousands of people to the island and with it frustrations from people and businesses because of the gridlock and public safety issues.

Now with the same promoter saying another event is just around the corner—I went to find out if this event will be more well received.

Orange Crush attracted tens of thousands of college students earlier this spring – and according to the City of Tybee, thousands of complaints from people living there.

Now as we head into the summer, the organizers of Turnt Island are planning a beach party and expect at least 10,000 people to show up. 

Mayor Shirley Sessions admitted that the last Orange Crush event was under-policed and chaotic and now a proposed resolution to limit these popup-style events.

Orange Crush left the island in a state of gridlock, with reports of property destruction, a car accident that sent 7 people to the hospital, and some restaurants reporting unpaid tabs.

While this event isn’t expected to have as many visitors as the original Orange Crush—there are some businesses that are hoping the city’s efforts to keep it safe will help their bottom line.

“As long as city officials make sure that the event is organized and monitored I expect for it to drive in some money,” said Co-Owner of Salt Island Fish & Beer, Emily Liebtag.

Currently, “Turnt Island” is not a permitted event. The end-of-the-month event is expected to be discussed at the council meeting this Thursday and you can count on WSAV to be at the meeting.