City leaders are bracing right now for a big weekend on Tybee Island. People will pack both ends of the island for two very busy events–the sold-out Tybee Island Wine Festival and Orange Crush.

The wine festival takes place on the North end. Orange Crush will happen on the South end. Crews have already brought out orange barriers for the weekend and more are on their way. 

And expect an impact on traffic for this weekend as well.
Orange Crush is an annual but unpermitted event. Silver barricades are up right now to control parking on the island. People who live here say it got so congested last year, visitors started using front yards as parking spots.

Tybee Police say barricades will control parking near South beach and in residential areas. Once the lots are full police will start directing people North. Tybee Police say they will work with people who live here if they need to get around areas that are barricaded.

And because so many people will be on this small island, emergency crews are making sure they have enough room for their vehicles. To do that, police will close one lane in each direction on Hwy. 80 and on Butler Avenue.

Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman says he has been working to get in contact with organizers of Orange Crush. Without a permit, he says they are financially responsible for costs associated with these extra safety measures. He says it could cost up to $50,000.