Tybee Mayor: Why I want the job as Chatham County Chairman

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TYBEE, Ga. (WSAV) – Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman has had a good run.  Elected in 2006, he is popular and considered a leader who has done his beloved beach town a lot of good.  Now he has some larger political aspirations, i.e. running for Chatham County Chairman.  

“I’ve been involved on Tybee for a long, time 14 years, and I think having executive experience is important,” Buelterman told us.  “I think having experience dealing with hurricanes is critically important and experience informing the public.”

Buelterman is definitely declaring his intentions in plenty of time.  The election isn’t until 2020.  Current Chairman Al Scott will be leaving because of term limits. Buelterman acknowledged he’s an early bird for sure.  “I think if you’re going to go for something you get out of the gate as soon as you can and start working on it. This  is something I want to do, this is something where think I can take my experience and have it benefit the whole county and not just the city of Tybee.”

He also told us he wants to give anyone who may want to take his place as the mayor to have time to consider a run.  
“I think that makes sense and it also gives people on Tybee who might be considering running for mayor the time to make that decision with their family because it’s a big commitment,” he told us. 

Buelterman says his leadership of Tybee through storms and flood insurance issues and budget issues is what recommends him now. He says he knows many in leadership positions throughout Chatham County as well as other municipalities which will be valuable. 

“I have been involved in local option sales tax negotiations (SPLOST) and in addition have worked closely with the sheriff, so I  think I have the relevant experience to lead the county successfully,”  he said. 

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