TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — On the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, Tybee Island beaches are already a popular place.

“Me and my wife, we drove down here for Memorial Day just to spend with my family where Tybee Island is a great place to go to,” Dakota Bailey said.

Tybee Island saw more than 150,000 thousand people from Thursday through Sunday last year and this year they’re expecting a repeat. Despite a coastal storm offshore and Thursday’s risk of rip currents, that still couldn’t keep these people off the beaches and in the water.

Dakota, his wife and their four kids made the drive from Indiana admittedly because he said there’s more to do on Tybee than back home.

“There’s really not that much to do except drink beer and eat brats,” Bailey said.

It’s people like Ashely Sullivan, who brought her grandma to the beach before the expected packed weekend. People like her are well aware of what friday thru monday will mean.

“My main concern with Tybee on Memorial Day. The main reason we’re here on Thursday is just I know parking can get really crazy. So here on Thursday instead got some nicer parking so she didn’t have to walk so far, just so it wasn’t quite so bad.”

Be prepared for traffic on the way, leaving, and trying to park will be a pain. With only 3,000 parking spots, the city said those spots go quickly.

“With less than 3,000 marked public parking spaces and upwards of 30,000 visitors expected per day, parking will be scarce by noon,” said Michelle Owens, Tybee Island Asst. City Manager.

There are some traffic changes this weekend too. The city will place some barricades on 15th and 17th streets. Drivers can’t take a left onto 15th Street or Tybrisa Street. Also, the city may close down Inlet Avenue.

There will also be extra police and Code Enforcers for the weekend. Chatham County Sherriff’s Office is also sending additional deputies to patrol and help with traffic.

Lastly, the city urged visitors to review its beach rules before making the trip this weekend.