TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Tybee Island made history as it swore in it’s new police chief.

Chief Bob Bryson passed to torch onto new Police Chief Tiffany Hayes, making history as Tybee Island’s first-ever female police chief.

The trend of female leadership on Tybee reached new milestones with Tybee Mayor Shirley Sessions saying it’s about more than just that title.

“It’s not just about being female, it’s about being strong, believing in your community,” Session said. “However, let’s face it, female leadership is rising across the country but still, I cannot ever miss the opportunity to encourage young women to get involved in something they believe in.”

Hayes, law enforcement is something she believes in.

“We’ve come a long way in law enforcement, we still have a ways to go,” Hayes said. “I hope that there are little girls out there watching this and they say ‘you know that could be me one day’ because it absolutely, 100% could be you one day, just keep reaching for your goals. I still have goals, I’m not finished, and I hope to reach those goals within the next coming years.”

Hayes started as a dispatcher at just 18 years old as a way to support her young child.

Over the last 25 years, Hayes attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, got a masters degree, and raised three children, saying any woman can reach their dreams like she has.

“I started out as a dispatcher at 18, then it was just a job, I needed a job,” Hayes said. “And then I fell in love with it and it became a career. Here I am , January 22nd will be my 26th anniversary.”

Hayes was surrounded by her family as she was sworn in and said it meant everything to her.

“They’ve never really complained about anything with my career,” Hayes said. “I have a great family that always steps up when I need help, so I’m very fortunate there.”

Hayes has big plans for her new role, saying Tybee is currently updating their 9-1-1 center with new technology. She also is focused on pay increases for officers and getting more women into law enforcement.