TybeeMLK hosts 2nd annual Indigenous Peoples Day celebration

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TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — TybeeMLK will host its 2nd annual celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day Sunday. The day is meant to honor Native Americans and their culture in opposition to Columbus Day.

On Friday, President Biden issued a proclamation commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day, which is Monday.

“Indigenous people in general have been working for a pretty many years, 20 or 25 years to my knowledge to get Columbus Day switched over to Indigenous Peoples Day. It’s something I never thought would happen but Friday, president Biden declared that it has happened,” said Laura Moonwoman of TybeeMLK.

The celebration is planned for Oct. 10 at 3 p.m. on Battery Drive. The group says the Guale and Yamacraw were the two tribes that lived where Savannah now sits. Across Georgia, the two largest tribes were the Creek and Cherokee.

“The history books are not written for the victims, they’re written for the victors. To say the rhyme of ‘1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue,’ well he never landed here in the United States, he landed in the Caribbean among the taino people,” explained Monika P. Arrington, Special Rappeteur of the Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee.

“We commemorate the significant role played by this area’s original inhabitants and recognize their achievements and the richness of their cultures,” TybeeMLK says.

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