Two democrats challenge Buddy Carter in the “year of the woman” in politics

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If it is the year of women candidates on the national stage, that may be playing out a bit in Georgia’s 1st congressional district where two women are vying for the democratic nomination.  The point: to unseat republican incumbent Buddy Carter.  But that would be an uphill battle as a republican has held the seat for 25 years.  Carter has served as congressman in the 1st district since January of 2015.

Barbara Seidman from the Waycross area is one of the democrats on the ticket. , “What’s different about me is that  most of the issues facing District 1, I live every day and if I don’t live it, I have lived it,” she told us. 

Seidman’s campaign motto is “For the people.”  She’s now retired and on Social Security which she says gives her first hand knowledge of why keeping that program is important. She also dislikes the recent tax bill passed by Congress which Carter supported. 

“I’m a better candidate than Buddy Carter, for one thing I will always be honest with my constituents,” said Seidman.  “What Carter doesn’t tell is that bill is going to be paid for on the backs of the poor.”

Lisa Ring, a mom and a former corrections officers is the other democrat running. “I’m running because I feel that the voters in the first district have not had a voice. I think it’s time for us to be represented in Washington D.C,” said Ring. 

Ring says Carter is not in tune with the real needs of many in the 1st district. “His willingness to repeal the Affordable Care Act against the wishes of the people who begged him not to. SoI think he’s very much out of touch. The number one issue in this district is affordable health care,” she said. 

Ring wants:

Medicare for all 
Workers rights and a living wage
Racial Justice
Criminal Justice reform
Quality education 
Investing in our communities and 
Protecting our environment 

She says the issue of offshore drilling and Carter’s support of it is especially troubling to her. “What he has done is really represented corporate interests in this district and his decisions to  okay offshore drilling are proof of that,” said Ring.

Seidman agreed. “I would not support drilling under any circumstances,” said Seidman.

Both democrats say the tourism and fishing industry might be harmed by drilling.
Seidman also agrees with “Medicare for all” and says in addition to minimum wage there should be a lifestyle wage and more apprenticeships for young people.  She also believes the Veterans Administration and individual veterans need more support.  “No veteran should be homeless, no veteran should go without medical care,” she said. 

Seidman defines herself not so much as a democrat but a “Peoplecrat.” And she believes that what she terms “Carter’s constant support of the Trump Administration” may hurt Carter by November. 

“He doesn’t take into consideration that the things that the Trump Administration is putting out is not good for Georgia District 1, because it’s not affording the little people to get ahead it’s only affording the rich people to get ahead,” said Seidman.

Ring agreed with her democratic opponent on that saying  “We have a representative that has told people at Town Halls that he doesn’t care what they want, unfortunately, what we want is different that what our representative wants 

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