BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) – A 3 car accident has left 2 people dead and 1 seriously injured in Bryan County early Saturday morning.

According to Georgia State Patrol Trooper, Cpl. Dante Williams 2 people were killed and 1 received serious injuries and a 4th person treated and released at the scene when one of the deceased was traveling in the wrong direction on US 17 near Belfast Keller lane shortly after 7 am.

Williams said the driver who was operating a 2011 Honda Civic was driving northbound in the southbound lane in the direction of Richmond Hill when he collided with a motorist driving a 2004 GMC Sierra pickup truck and a 2012 Toyota Corolla. The wrong-way driver was killed.

The operator of the Sierra truck was seriously injured and taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah by ambulance and according to Williams may face numerous surgeries.

A passenger in the Sierra truck was killed, and the driver of the 2012 Toyota Corolla was treated and released at the scene.

The two people killed were identified as Sergio Miguel Ortega-Gonzalez of Liberty County, Ga., and Jessica Thornburg of Bloomingdale, Ga., by Bryan County Coroner, Bill Cox.

While firefighters were concentrating on the injured involved in the accident, Bryan County Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician Drew Davis said he had to shift gears when he along with medical personnel on the scene were alerted of a woman who was in labor to her second child.

The Gaither family was on their way to Winn Army Community Hospital when they rolled onto the scene. Pamela Gaither said it didn’t take her long to realize their new baby boy, Charles, was telling her that he was ready to be born.

Gaither said she heard her husband Falaq, tell the officer that she was having contractions and needed to make it through, but unfortunately for them, there was no way they could make it through.

Gaither said she could feel her body telling her that they were going to have to birth Charles now.

“This baby is coming right now and you all need to get on board with this,” Gaither said she told her husband and officer.

“It was a crazy way to bring him [baby] in, but I think in a way it was perfect for us because my husband wasn’t going to be able to be there,” Gaither said. So instead of waiting outside of the hospital room while she gave birth, he had to help deliver his new baby boy.

Gaither said she and her husband are considering honoring those who were killed in the crash by naming Charles’ middle name after them.

Drew Davies, Firefighter and EMT for Bryan County arrived at the scene ready to handle a multi-car crash but then had to pivot to a totally different situation. Davies said resources were split between dealing with the car crash and birthing the child.

“You kind of have to change your mindset and say okay here’s a positive thing, we’re about to help somebody bring life into this world,” Davies said.