STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — May is national Foster Care Awareness month and here in the US there are more than 400,000 kids currently in foster care.

This year two brothers are going the extra mile to bring awareness to the challenges kids in foster care face.

“Growing up in the system was very hard,” Davon Woods said.

Twin brothers Davon and Travon woods were placed in foster care at birth.

“We went our whole life, 17 years not knowing anything about ourselves or anything about our family,” Woods said.

Their childhood wasn’t always easy but the brothers now use their experience to advocate for children in foster care.

“Our goal is to continue to shine a light on a very dark topic and continue to be a voice for the voiceless because I feel a lot of times people don’t go the extra mile for these kids,” Woods said.

Now the brothers are going the extra mile for these kids, by walking more than 100 miles from Statesboro, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida to bring awareness to the challenges youth in foster care face.

“Every mile and every step we take we’re thinking about these kids,” Woods said.

They’re documenting this journey to fight for a brighter future for youth in foster care one step at a time.

“No matter what, I’m gonna finish this journey, because it’s not for us, no matter how we’re feeling it’s about these kids.”

They’ll complete their journey Friday but they say their work is far from over, that this is just the beginning.

“These kids matter. They’re the next me, the next you, the next us,” Woods said. “They’re the next generation.”

The twins have a social media page and an organization called Foster Kids Matter. They say they hope to open a transitional housing home for kids who age out of the system in the future.