SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Truck drivers move more than 70 percent of all freight in the United States.

With a nationwide trucking shortage, local companies are searching for ways to safely get more people behind their wheels.

“The need for COVID-related supplies or people doing a lot of shopping from home, it’s got to move somehow. I think that’s definitely had a lot of an impact on it, especially dealing in our particular terminal here, with import and export container work,” Clay Richardson, trucking parts manager for Williams Brothers Trucking Company, said.

From truck to table, getting essential goods is fueled forward by an industry always on the go.

“There’s also a lot of companies looking to pull truck drivers from where they can get them from,” Richardson said.

Business is booming right now for the trucking industry, but a lot of trucking companies say they’re struggling to get drivers to come on board to help them in getting those essential goods and services to both the businesses and the consumers that rely on them.

“We’ve always had an open application for drivers,” Richardson explained.

Trucking jobs make up more than five percent of all full-time employment positions in the United States.

“It’s a big impact and we pass them every day on the highway, interstates. We pass containers — and that stuff’s going to department stores,” Richardson described, “that’s stuff going to hospitals.”

A nationwide truck driver shortage started in 2018, but with supply chain issues created by the pandemic, companies say the need for drivers is still growing, with some people even offering sign-on bonuses or other incentives.

Williams Brothers Trucking Company said they plan to host a job fair this summer to get more jobs placed locally.

Click HERE for a link to apply for a driving position.