Troubled teens stop in Savannah on 500-mile bike ride

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A group of cyclists on a five hundred mile bike ride made a stop in Savannah today. The ride took more than just physical strength.

A group of five teens from the Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vedalia hit the road Monday for a week-long bike ride around northeast Georgia.

“Muscles aching, you want to quit. You just have to push through and know that when you finish, you’ve accomplished something that’s amazing,” said bike rider James Oyer. 

“For them to think that they’d be riding over 500 miles in one week, that’s just unfathomable to them,” said Paul Anderson Youth Home Board Member, Fritz Olnhausen. “It’s very inspiring actually to me to watch them grow throughout the week.” 

The boys are slamming the breaks on a former life struggling with addiction or criminal charges. 

“I want to show everyone back at home that I’ve matured and I’m not going back to my old ways. I can do anything I put my mind to” said Oyer. 

The group is taking a much-needed break in Savannah before heading to Augusta Thursday. It’s another two hundred miles northwest. 

It’s a grueling ride — but once the boys hit the road, they’re all smiles.

“This ride has been something else. It’s kinda indescribable,” said Oyer. 

The boys are still looking for people to sponsor them. If you’d like to help, here’s the link: 

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