SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The trailer for a Savannah-filmed thriller starring Gerard Butler was released this week.

Production for “Last Seen Alive” (also known as “Chase”) also took place on Wilmington Island and in Bloomingdale and Rincon, according to the Savannah Regional Film Commission.

Last summer, Butler took a break from filming to meet with members of the Rincon Police Department.

“He was surprisingly very nice and down-to-earth, respectful,” said Rincon Police Chief Jonathon Murrell. “I don’t think a lot of people think about movie stars being able to be that down-to-earth.”

From an intimate conversation on a dock to aerial views of sprawling marshes, glimpses of the Coastal Empire are evident in the trailer.

Have a look for yourself by watching the trailer on IMDB.

The film database provided the following synopsis for the film:

When Will’s estranged wife Lisa disappears during a stop at a gas station, Will must embark on a frantic undertaking to rescue her while eluding the police who suspect him of foul play.

According to IMDB, “Last Seen Alive” is expected to be released on May 12.