BRYAN COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – The temporary traffic signal in the area of the Hyundai Meta site is moving, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

This temporary traffic light will be moved on November 5th. It is being placed at the permanent Hyundai Plant entrance.

Officials say this will support traffic flow amid major construction.

“With the amount of materials and large truck traffic we had in that area, this was the safest option for commuters. This business is bringing in everything, so we put up these temporary traffic signals,” Jill Nagel with the Department of Transportation says.

The traffic signal is positioned at the “construction entrance” near Aspen Lane which will soon close. The light is moving .2 miles to the permanent Hyundai entrance, closer to Olive Branch Road.

That entrance is dubbed the “South Access Road”.

“The temporary signals will stay there as long as they’re needed. With all this heavy congestion of traffic coming in and out, that will be the main entrance until the frontage road is completed,” Nagel said.

Frontage Road is another development in the area. It runs close to Interstate 16 and stretches from U.S. 280 to the new interchange.

“That’s part of the U.S. 280 widening project, the Frontage Road and the Interchange are the three projects that are will be built around this site,” Nagel says.

The 280 widening project will begin in Spring 2024.

Message boards now alert drivers of the traffic signal relocation. Nagel says to expect minor delays if you are traveling through the area.

“If you can avoid this area, on Sunday, that would be very helpful. We will have blue lights out there. Law enforcement will be directing traffic, and we have to move the location and then get the signals up and active,” Nagel says.

The signals should be moved and fully functional by late afternoon on Sunday.