LYONS, Ga. (WSAV) – Serving Toombs County has been the greatest honor of his life.

But after 25 years, Sheriff Alvie Kight says it’s time to retire.

In a letter shared on social media Thursday, Kight announced he won’t be running for re-election next year.

“I believe it is time for the people of Toombs County to choose the next Sheriff and pray that you will select someone who loves this country as much as I do,” he wrote. “Though I will miss this job and the people that I work with, my wife, Patty, and I look forward to this next phase of our lives.”

Kight said he hopes the next sheriff will be a sheriff “for all people.”

“My prayer for the future Sheriff is that he be an ethical individual who will be adaptable to change, proactive, and stand by parents in the challenges of raising our kids,” he added.

The sheriff said it’s “not goodbye, but see you around.”

“Thank you for entrusting me to serve as your Sheriff for the past 25 years.”