Toombs County High School lifts ban on cross-dressing at prom

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TOOMBS COUNTY, Ga., (WSAV)- There’s a new list of rules for students attending the Toombs County High School prom. One parent reached out to News 3 saying one rule on the original list was discriminatory.

The original rules sent to students at Toombs County High included a ban on cross-dressing.
This ban didn’t sit well with Misty Hearn, a parent of a student who fully dresses in the opposite sex’s clothing.

Hearn made a complaint to the school’s administration saying those words are offensive. After Hearn’s complaints and talks with school officials, the ban has been removed from the school’s recently revised list. 

Hearn tells News 3 in part, “The board of education they offered me sincere apologies and assurance that all kids will be treated as equals. That all students will be allowed to wear what they choose as long as it is formal attire.” 

However, Amber Foster, a parent of a student at another high school in the area tell News 3 she isn’t surprised Toombs County High would initially use those words.  She says when her daughter attended a dance a year before, a similar dress code was used for her daughters’ school event. 

“When there was a dance at the high school and my daughter was like we can’t wear pants and I’m thinking, ok. You should be comfortable. It just confused me,” Foster said.

Judy Mosley, a parent of a student at Toombs County High, said she wasn’t for the original ban.  

“Cross-dressing doesn’t bother me. I mean just because you crossdress doesn’t mean anything. I mean that’s what you’re just more comfortable in,” Mosley said. 

However, these two parents are glad the school did change the rules.

“It accommodates everyone in the high school,” Mosley said.

Foster added, “they need to encourage people, the students, to just be who they want to be.”

News 3 reached out to the superintendent of Toombs County Barry Waller, for a  comment on this situation.

He replied in part, ”It was brought to our attention by a parent that a procedure we used for many years was not aligned to the system policy in our handbook. We have taken measures to make sure that our procedures are aligning with all of our policies.”

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