Three people in Bulloch County are in jail accused of killing cows

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STATESBORO, Ga., (WSAV)- Three people are behind bars in Bulloch County jail accused of killing cows.

Cpt. Todd Hutchens with the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office said the suspects 23-year-old Justin  Bunch Sr., 21-year-old Amy Faunce, and 17-year-old Dallas Porter, are accused of killing three cows in the Portal area.

 They were all arrested on aggravated cruelty to animal charges, however, investigators don’t know why the suspects shot the cows. 

But, Cpt. Hutchens said the loss of livestock can be devastating to the farmer. 

“When someone takes three of their cows, which I would estimate the value at around between two and three thousand dollars worth of property, now that he has lost that, affects his well being and his home,” Cpt. Hutchens said. 

Cpt. Hutchens said investigators with the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office and the State Department of Natural Resources have been working on this case for the past month. He said the case has grown to include charges from the DNR like Bunch Sr. and Faunce being accused of hunting deer at night and from the road.  

Cpt. Hutchens also added that the case has grown to be about more than just animals. 

“Then we found out that some of the weapons that they were in possession of or had used during this crime were stolen from different locations, had been sold to some other people. So basically this case kind of snowballed,” Cpt. Hutchens said.

This snowball effect has grown to include seven other people who were arrested in connection with the three suspects for similar crimes such as hunting from the roadways or receiving stolen weapons. Cpt. Hutchens said the Sheriff’s Office is currently looking to arrest one more person.

He also says this is a multi-county investigation and right now Burke County is helping the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office locate more stolen firearms connected to this case. 

The three suspects accused of killing the cows are being held without bond.

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