TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Labor Day meant plenty of local businesses were busy this weekend and saw an increase in customers.

Tybee Island saw the return of its Labor Day Beach Bash this year, an event the city says sees tens of thousands of people come though and all the foot traffic means more money in the pockets of local businesses.

“You know people are coming out and Tybee puts on a great event,” said Michael Flores, Manager of department store T.S. Chu. “Labor Day has always been the end of our summer season. It brings good business, the close off, the last hoorah.”

And that last summer holiday weekend was much needed for many retail stores as a lot of them still have excessive inventory from long delayed orders from the earlier days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year has been crazy, you know,” Flores said. “I mean anybody who is in retail knows exactly what I’m talking about when it’s time to push stuff out the door. So where we used to be having an empty store come Labor Day, we still have a lot of merchandise here.”

Meaning tourists saw a lot of bargains on Tybee this weekend and longer wait times at restaurants, several saying they rarely had downtime this weekend.

And despite the inclement weather from time to time over the weekend, business still saw tourists eager to spend money. 

“We’re all at the mercy of the weather,” Flores said. “It can play towards our advantage. And with that our beach chairs and beach gear go down, but everything else, souvenirs and t-shirts go up. So, it’s kind of like we got you coming in and we got you going out.”