SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Feed the Hungry held its 13th annual Christmas holiday dinner at the Savannah Civic Center. It’s been two years since the event was held on a large scale due to the pandemic.

Prior to Thursday’s dinner Feed the Hungry held drive-thru events. Founder Carl Gilliard decided it was time go back to having sit down dinners just in time for Christmas.

“We felt like this time we wanted to give people a hot meal,” Gilliard said. “Homeless people don’t have ways to prepare meals. This is important for those that don’t have anybody during the holidays so I’m excited.”

Gilliard estimated that over three thousand people were fed during the event. Those who went were able to take food with them. Thousands of toys were available for children as well.

In 13 years, Feed the Hungry has fed over 1.5 million people across 14 cities.