SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – St. Joseph’s/Candler’s main computer system is still down after last Thursday’s ransomware attack.

One viewer reached out to WSAV News 3, saying it caused delays in her husband’s cancer treatment.

“These people, whoever they are, I wish could see them,” said Kayron Stevens, whose husband is battling cancer, “so they could know us.”

Stevens is a retired nurse. Her husband, Neil, of 52 years, is battling multiple myeloma.

It’s rare cancer that develops after healthy plasma cells, located in the bone marrow, mutate into cancerous myeloma cells. It can overtake normal blood cells in the bone marrow and destroy bone tissue.

“There’s no cure, and he’s had it for five years,” said Stevens. “We were just told he has six months, maybe a year.”

“They just don’t know,” she added.

His chemotherapy treatments helps prevent lesions that can cause his bones to break unexpectedly.

“He fell about a month ago, his femur just broke,” said Stevens. “

On Thursday, his appointment was canceled. That morning, the hospital’s system went down.

Officials later told WSAV News 3 that they were investigating suspicious ransomware activity.

“When you are dependent on your life and the life of your husband, it’s very hard to understand this,” said Stevens.

Stevens, a devout Christian, had a bible sitting on her kitchen counter. She says the words inside give her comfort.

She says faith will get her through, but the people putting thousands of lives in jeopardy will need God’s forgiveness

“These people are evil, that did this,” said Stevens.

Stevens says she doesn’t know if there will be any health implications after her husband’s missed treatment, but she knows the doctors and nurses are doing everything they can.

“The Lewis Cancer Center is wonderful,” said Stevens, “I mean Dr. Lewis, he’s been our doctor through these four, five years, and he’s just been part of our family.”

The “who'” in this attack is still under investigation and little is known about their motive.

In the meantime, a spokesperson sent WSAV this statement:

Our Oncology teams are fully committed to delivering appropriate care to our patients. Oncology and Chemotherapy treatments are currently running on schedule. Any adjustments in care routines last week were made in consultation with a multidisciplinary team, and to mitigate disruption to patients’ long-term care.

We thank our patients for their patience during this time, and apologize for any delays they may experience as we continue to work diligently to address this situation.

Stevens said she has a message to the hackers.

“It’s more than just the hospital, it’s lives that they are destroying — families,” she said.

Stevens says her husband is set to get his treatment on Wednesday. As of now, the hospital could not comment on when all of their systems would be back online.

They say the investigation is sensitive and they will share updates when it is appropriate.