The growing popularity of CBD oil, why major retailers plan to sell it

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A few years ago, at least in Georgia, you might not have been talking about CBD oil products derived from hemp and or marijuana plants.

But now more retailers are selling products infused with Cannabidiol (CBD).  Kroger recently announced it would even sell some products at its stores.

In Savannah, you will find one big fan of CBD at the popular Brighter Day store — co-owner Peter Broadhead.

“It isn’t a fad, it’s real deal stuff,” he told News 3.

Brodhead has been studying CBD for years and believes it has definite curative effects in terms of pain and anxiety. 

“First, a big advantage of CBD is that it has different psychological effects (from marijuana),” he said.  “So it doesn’t make you stoned. In fact, it helps your focus, it does the opposite,”

Brighter Day sells a variety of products which include topical creams, drops and pills. Brodhead says CBD is unique in how it sends signals to the body about pain and inflammation 

“And so the inflammation pathways come into balance, pain signaling comes into balance and when doing so people get the noticeable benefit when they take it,” said Brodhead. 

The growing popularity may be why major retailers are getting on the bandwagon. 

 “It’s the Wild West out there right now and so hundreds and hundreds of companies are jumping on (the bandwagon) because they see a gold mine in it,” said Brodhead.

He does look for some specifics on the label which include “full spectrum,” which Brodhead indicates means more plant compounds are present in the product.

“Responsible companies will use what’s called a full spectrum because there are hundreds of compounds found in the plant and when you’re doing the whole thing you’re getting the symphony orchestra working with your body instead of a single player,” said Brodhead.

He also says look for CO 2 on the label, which means no chemicals were used in the extraction process. 

Products at this store sell from $20 to more than $100. But Brodhead thinks prices will come down. 

“My feeling is with the legalization of growing hemp in the United States, that with the supply and demand, that prices are going to start coming down more and more in the coming years,” he told us.  

Brodhead does think CBD holds continued promise for pain and anxiety relief.  “In applications where this applies there can be a great benefit I feel,” he said. 

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