PEMBROKE, Ga. (WSAV) — One Pembroke neighborhood is coming together to help neighbors in need after a deadly tornado tore through their community.

“She said ‘Harry your son, your son under the house is crushed over there.'”

Harry Bostick describes the moment he was told his son’s house had been destroyed by the tornado, with him inside.

“I run across the field there, as I went across the field, there was a wall there standing up, and I hit on the side of the wall and I didn’t get no answer,” Bostick recalled. “I said ‘papa is you okay, is y’all okay in here,” Bostick recalls.

Harry called out to his son, Harry Jr. but moments of panic followed as he struggled to find him beneath the rubble, then miraculously, he spotted a sign of life.

“All of a sudden, I seen a little tip of his finger was showing and he said ‘daddy, I’m right here.'”

Relief that his son was alive was quickly followed by a frantic struggle to free him, his girlfriend and stepfather, who were also trapped under the remains of the home.

“They couldn’t get no air, they were like suffocating under there and I kept pulling stuff off him,” Bostick said.

Soon others came to help, and everyone was able to get out from under the debris, but the days that have followed have been hard for this tight-knit community, as they cope with the aftermath of the devastation.

“It just makes me feel pretty sad about it, it feels so rough,” Bostick said.

“It’s been a toll on the community, the entire community but we’re all pulling together as one, helping each other out,” said Karon Bacon, whose nearby business was damaged by the storm.

For Karon, Pembroke is home. And like many who live here, this street, this area, is more than a neighborhood to him, it’s a community.

“The whole community is real important to me because being in a small town like this, you have to come together,” Karon said.

Karon’s business is located in the neighborhood, standing on the front porch of his building, you can see what was once Henry Jr.’s home, now destroyed.

“It was kind of nerve-wracking to see the father trying to pull the son and his family out,” Karon recalled.

Karon’s business was also damaged, but that was the last thing on his mind at the time.

“We only had structure damage, that can be replaced, a life can never be replaced,” Karon said. “Thank God nobody got seriously injured. God was with us.”