Technology Corridor designation for Savannah, supporters say it means recognition and jobs

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Technology is certainly here to stay and now it may be the next big thing in Savannah not only terms of the city’s image, but the creation of jobs.  Recently, the Georgia Legislature designed a portion of the city as an official technology corridor. 

“This means jobs for Savannah, this means technology jobs, good, high paying creative jobs,” said Keith Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer of Speros.

Fletcher and Diana McKenzie, the chair and partner of Information Technology and Outsourcing for Hunter Maclean worked to get the designation.  Fletcher testified before a state Senate committee several times and told us initially, that places like Atlanta were being considered by lawmakers, not Savannah. 

“But Keith and I just both felt like Savannah was underrated as a technology center,” said McKenzie. “We love all the historic aspects of this town, we love the culture of this town .. and we just kind of thought why not here?”

McKenzie said the designation means they can ask for and hopefully receive incentives from the federal, state and local governments which will entice tech businesses. “We would see Savannah, particularly the tech corridor as the place to go if you’ve got a really cool idea or if you’re building a company we would hope you would move it to our corridor,” she said.

Fletcher says now that the official designation has been made, they can focus on where this is going to be. A map already showed the tentative area which stretches from around I-16 and I-95 through portions of Chatham and Bryan Counties.  “Here is an area that we will work to bring ultra high bandwidth into and come up with incentives to relocate business or start a business,” he said. 

A task force has now been established to work on how the technology corridor can be established.  Fletcher says tech may not yet be a big industry in the area yet but the corridor is the first step to changing that and Savannah is at center stage. “This is a huge undertaking but done right, this will be incredible for Savannah,” said Fletcher.

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