SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — After 18 years inside Savannah Mall, Monday marks the final closing time at The Uniform Source.

David Eichelbaum, Owner of The Uniform Source said, “I always had hope that it could come back.” 

Owner David Eichelbaum says that hope died when the mall went up for auction and was eventually purchased by BCHM investments for 8.4 million dollars.

“Stores aren’t going to come in if there’s no elevators working. You’re not going to get a national company to come in if there’s no elevators. You’re not going to get them to come in if there’s not escalators,” Eichelbaum said. 

With a deadline to move out set for the end of this week, Eichelbaum says much of his inventory will go into storage because it can’t fit into his much smaller location on DeRenne Ave.

“I’m going from this large location and another store down to just one small store. So, it’s going to impact other people as well and I don’t like that part.”

When Eichelbaum was asked if he would need to let people go head responded, “Possibly.”

There’s still no clear answer as to what will become of this massive space that opened back in 1990. WSAV reached out to the owners, who had no comment – but 6th District Alderman Kurtis Purtee says nothing is off the table.

“There’s a lot that we’ve talked about from restaurants to housing to mixed use…There could be recreational stuff for kids or for adults, so there’s plenty of things out there right now, possibilities,” Alderman Purtee stated.  

With Savannah’s ongoing affordable housing crisis, Purtee says he’s pushing senior housing to be a part of whatever is next for Savannah Mall.

“Since Target is close by. You’ve got a pharmacy, access to food. There’s a need for senior housing.” 

Purtee says the next step in determining what will become of Savannah Mall, is a stakeholders meeting, to include the new owners, the city, businesses in the area and neighborhood associations. He says that could happen within the next month or so.