STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — For years liquor couldn’t be sold within city limits. That all changed with the passing of a referendum in 2021 that allowed voters to make the call.

And now in the near future, Statesboro will have multiple options for its residents now within city limits.

“Last year, the city council decided to call for the referendum,” says Statesboro city manager Charles Penny. “So, in November of 2021 that item was on the ballot and it overwhelmingly passed. So now the council has the authority to issue package store license.” 

On Tuesday city council approved the city’s first four liquor store locations–all four are preexisting buildings. However, there are requirements.

“State law has a requirement of at least 500 yards separation,” Penny said. “But our council was concerned with having a proliferation of package stores in the city and so they decided to have a greater distance requirement so in that case the council instead of settling for 500 yards they expanded it to at least 1000 yards separation.”

The city anticipates some liquor stores to be opening in the next six months as well significant economic impact on the city.

“We’re estimating revenue to the city of about $300,000,” said Penny. “And it probably can range from $300,000 to maybe a half a million dollars in additional revenue.”

Gaining additional revenue that the city already has plans for.

“Of those funds, I believe 50% of those funds would be used for programs that would benefit youth and other social service type programs in the city,” Penny said.