Statesboro resident reacts to plane crash that happened feet from her house

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STATESBORO, Ga., (WSAV)- We’re learning more about the small plane crash that happened earlier this week in Statesboro.

The small aircraft went down at the Statesboro Bulloch county airport after taking off from Savannah. The Sheriff’s Office says two people were on board, both walked away with only minor injuries. 

Connie Crummie lives right across from the runway where that plane went down. She’s lived there for six years and said knowing it happened so close to her home, is frightening. 

“This brought it [into] perspective. I mean it’s just like it just gives you a feeling of scary, I mean a scary feeling basically, something like that happened,” Crummie said. 

The day after the crash the only thing left of the aircraft was a pile of metal. The accident forced the airport to close, but since then, everything except the runway where the plane went down is back open. 

Crummie said knowing planes are flying again makes her a bit anxious that another crash could happen. Next time, closer to her home. 

“We’ve always been on guard but right now this is really, I’m looking out my windows all the time now…Just living this close to an airport you just gotta be aware,” Crummie said. 

She continued “I mean they were here first so we can’t blame them, but it’s something you just have to watch.” 

An investigation into the crash is expected to happen sometime this week. 

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