Statesboro police using bait cars to help cut down on car break-ins

Local News

STATESBORO, Ga., (WSAV)- Statesboro police have a new plan to help prevent car break-ins.

The Chief of Police, Mike Broadhead,  said  his officers are placing several bait cars  around the city, and they will be under surveillance.  

Anyone caught breaking into one of the cars,  will be arrested. Another part of this operation includes police posting the person who was arrested, picture, on social media. 

 “In this particular instance, if we catch someone in on of these operations we are going to publish their photos specifically to, help again, prevent other ones. We want the community to talk about it. We want there to be some communication so that again, we can prevent this from happening,” Chief Broadhead said. 

The chief also tells us, no one has taken the bait yet.

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