State senate proposes bill to address decline in enrollment at Georgia HBCUs

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A bill proposed and introduced by the state senate could be part of a solution to address the financial problem’s of Georgia’s Public Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

Senate Bill 278 was proposed in the senate to address the decrease in enrollment at HBCUs in Georgia. The bill would address the decline by removing schools like Savannah State University, Albany State and Fort Valley State from the University System of Georgia.

“Senate bill 278 is a bill to address the decrease in enrollment at the historically black colleges and universities in the state of Georgia. What we are trying to do is curtail the decrease in enrollment to encourage more students to attend our historically black colleges and universities,” said Senator Lester Jackson.

The idea is under a new umbrella, the schools could be given more resources.

The bill has run out of time for this session but Jackson hopes it will get attention next January as part of a larger strategy to help Georgia’s Public Historically Black Colleges and Universities thrive for future generations.

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