State says Georgians can still vote even with an ‘inactive’ voter status

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FILE-In this Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 file photoCourtney Parker votes on a new voting machine, in Dallas, Ga. Election integrity activists are raising concerns about Georgia’s new voting machines, saying the large, bright, vertical touchscreens allow other people in the room to see a voter’s selections in violation of ballot secrecy provisions in state law. In a petition filed Monday, Feb. 24, 2020, in Sumter County Superior Court against the five members of the county election board, the activists ask the court to order the board to have voters use hand-marked paper ballots rather than the touchscreen voting machines. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV)- Thousands of Georgians could soon lose their active voter status.
The Secretary of State’s office says it could happen to people whose absentee ballots couldn’t be delivered.

It’s important to stress people with an inactive voter status can still vote in the upcoming election, by mail or in person

Undeliverable absentee ballots are sometimes the result of a person changing their address or a mistake by local post offices.

State election officials say if a ballot was mailed to you in the spring and could not be delivered you could loose your voter registration status in the future. Officials say being shifted to the inactive list is step one in a four step registration cancellation process.

In the second step the county voter registrar will mail you a confirmation letter, if you dont answer they move on to step three.

Step three means a person has had no contact with voter registration for two additional general elections, meaning they didn’t cast a ballot in an election or primary, sign a petition, or change their driver’s license.

On step four an inactive voter will get a 30 day notice of their registration termination, if they don’t update their information at that point they are subject to cancellation

Critics say the move to warn voters so close to a presidential election causes confusion while the Secretary of State’s office says its neccesary for record keeping.

In a statement to WSAV the American’s Civil Liberties Union said, “nothing in federal law requires Georgia to engage in this purge; it was Georgia lawmakers who chose to mandate it,” said Sean J. Young, legal director of the ACLU of Georgia.

“Voters whom the state has designated as ‘inactive’ by this recent purge can still lawfully cast a ballot, and we urge voters to do so,” said Young.

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