STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — Friday afternoon, the state rested its case in the Marcus Wilson trial, turning it over to defense.

On the third day of testimony, jurors heard from multiple law enforcement officials involved in the investigation surrounding Haley Hutcheson’s death.

James Winskey, an investigator for the district attorney’s office showed jurors GPS data from Wilson’s phone, tracking his location the night of the shooting and the following day. Winskey testified the location of Wilson’s phone matched surveillance video that appeared to show the man’s car and the truck Hutcheson was in.

Later on, jurors heard from Wilson himself in a phone call with detectives two days after Hutcheson’s death. In the moments leading up to the incident, Wilson said he feared for his life.

“We were in the car and a truck full of white males, white males driving their car at me and her and yelling racial slurs,” he said in the recording played in court.

“They were just swerving towards us, they were coming, they were trying to drive us off the road,” he continued.

“I didn’t know what else to do so I grabbed my P-10 and I shot it under the vehicle at the tires… I have to live with that for the rest of my life, alright, if that is what happened, what you said is happening. But that is not what I wanted.”

In that phone call, Wilson told detectives he fired three rounds at the tire of Mason Glissen’s truck, carrying Hutcheson and other passengers. On Friday, a former firearms examiner with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation testified that four shell casings were recovered from the scene. Three were fired from the same weapon, according to testimony, while the fourth is unclear.

Maci Neagley, a friend of Hutcheson’s who was in the car that night, remembers a different scene than Wilson.

“I just turned and was looking and like next thing I knew, I don’t know how exactly long it was, but I just hear something hit the back glass,” Neagley testified. “I didn’t know what it was at first and then I looked over and everybody’s bent down and I kind of just bent down because I kind of, like, it all kind of processed just a little bit and I figured it was gunshots.”

During her testimony, Neagley said she carried a knife with her that night because she didn’t know the boys in the car well.

“What did you tell the officer that night that they did?” a defense attorney asked Neagley.

“That I thought they waved or something like that, something that sort,” she said in response.

DEFENSE: “So did you see them stick their hands out the window?”

NEAGLEY: “I really don’t think they stuck them out the window, like they actually leaned out the window because I didn’t see that but I think they could’ve waved, I really don’t know.”

Neagley said the boys in the vehicle, including the driver, were drinking that night. On Friday, the jury saw photos of beer in the vehicle. The defense team grilled a detective with the Statesboro Police Department about why the driver wasn’t charged with DUI and passengers for underage drinking.

“It was very extenuating circumstances when Haley got shot so there was a lot more going on than just concentrating on a DUI,” said detective Keith Holloway. “I don’t have the charging, I wouldn’t have been in the position to charge anybody. But, yes, that is something you could look into.”

During cross-examination with the state, Holloway said the boxes photographed in the truck were empty and there would be no way to know when the alcohol was removed or consumed.

Holloway also testified about the path of the bullet, saying it hit the glass in the back of the truck before striking Hutcheson in the back of the head.

After Neagley’s testimony, the state rested its case. Court is set to resume on Monday morning with witnesses from the defense team.