SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Savannah Police Department (SPD) has announced the death of Sgt. Bobby, the longest serving horse with the SPD Mounted Patrol.

SPD said Sgt. Bobby passed away peacefully last week in his stall at 22 years of age. Bobby joined the Unit in 2004 at the age of three.

Sgt. Bobby was a local celebrity in the Savannah area. (Photo provided by the SPD)

“He was a rock-solid horse from day one. Ever the gentleman and an absolute true professional. We cannot even begin to describe what a truly great Police horse he was, and how much he will genuinely be missed.” said the department. “He was a local celebrity in the Savannah area and a fixture and the backbone of our unit.”

Over the nineteen years that he served the SPD, he met Bobby met thousands of Savannah’s residents and tourist.

The past few years, he had been semi-retired, mostly living an easy life at the police stables.

The SPD Mounted Patrol Unit horses are required to meet specific height, age and temperament requirements. All of the horses are trained to deal with loud noises such as gunshots and sirens, as well as walk over objects that most horses wouldn’t approach.  The horses live, sleep and train at the mounted patrol unit stables off Dean Forest Road.