GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Doctors in the Upstate are saying they’re seeing an increase in children with COVID.

Dr. Christian Montagano with EmergencyMD said in the past two weeks, they’ve seen a 60-70% positivity rate on COVID tests for both adults and children.

“We’ve had a lot of COVID positive children that have come in there. The only thing that I can say is a benefit, I think we’ve had minimal that we’ve had to send to the hospital for admission. Even though our numbers are way up,” said Dr. Montagano.

He says a lot more children are coming through their doors, especially, at their Boiling Springs location.

“I don’t think it’s just limited to schools, and children in schools, I think it’s across the board. I think this variant is just a super contagious variant,” he said.

Dr. Montagano said the good news is the symptoms aren’t as bad with Omicron as they were with the Delta variant.

“Anything from a runny nose, a cough, to a fever and sore throat to an occasional headache and some abdominal discomfort. It’s kinda been all ranges, but for the most part, it’s been on the milder side of symptoms,” said Dr. Montagano.

If your child is experiencing symptoms, he said it’s best to keep them away from others.

“It would be wise to take them out and get them tested and keep them at home until you get a positive or negative test result. Rather than send them to school and subject everyone there to possible COVID infection,” he said.

It’s not just the doctor’s offices that are feeling the impacts of increasing children COVID cases.

“It is incredibly stressful, especially as a working parent, as a single parent,” said Yuvia Florez, parent.

Yuvia Florez kept her daughter home from school when the 6-year-old was running a fever.

“With her and her asthma and her symptoms I’m just like we’re not going to send her to school and make it worse,” said Florez.

She agrees that sick kids should stay at home.

“I would hate if someone did that to my child, so I don’t do that with mine,” she said.

Dr. Montagano said that if you, or your child, tests positive, he recommends staying at home for 5-7 days since the symptoms started. He also recommends anyone who is old enough should get their vaccine.

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