ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Rock Hill, South Carolina suspect Ricky Price was out on bond for distributing crack cocaine and various gun charges. RHPD said he was convicted of a violent crime, so he shouldn’t have had a gun because of his prior conviction.

The judge denied Ricky Price’s bond, and she said it was because of his numerous pending charges. In court, Ricky Price interrupted a detective who was recounting what happened.

Ricky Price said, “Why you take me out there and beat me up? I was already in handcuffs. I wasn’t doing nothing man.”

In a Facebook video, officers are observed pushing Ricky’s brother, Travis Price, seen in a green shirt, back.

This was after they said Travis shoved officers and would not put his hands behind his back when they told him he was under arrest for interfering.

LINK TO FULL ORIGINAL VIDEO ON FBPlease be aware that there is profanity and the content of this video might be disturbing.

Travis was called to the scene by his brother, Ricky, after police pulled Ricky over for a traffic violation.

Photos: Ricky Roderick Price (Left) Travis Lamont Price (Right), York County Sheriff’s Office

Ricky is seen in a blue shirt in the Facebook video. Police said they had prior interactions with Ricky, and that’s the reason they used a K-9 to sniff his car saying they found marijuana and a gun inside.

Officers said Ricky tried to run when they took his handcuffs off throwing several punches hitting an officer in the face. You can see officers punching Ricky in the video.

His attorney said they broke his nose, and he’s in a wheelchair.

“Somehow they forgot that just because you think someone broke the law, that you’re going to arrest them, that you’re also going to punish them in the process, and that’s not how things work in America,” Price’s attorney, Justin Bamberg, said.

There is police body camera video of the incident, but police said because this is all under review internally with Rock Hill Police and charges are pending, there’s no set date for the body camera video to be released.

Two Rock Hill Police officers have been placed on administrative leave. The State Law Enforcement Division is also investigating this case.

LINK TO FULL ORIGINAL VIDEO ON FBPlease be aware that there is profanity and the content of this video might be disturbing.

Protests began again Thursday night following the release of the Facebook video this week that RHPD said only shows a portion of what happened. So far, eight arrests have been made.

  • Yen Alcada- Pedestrian in the Roadway
  • Rachel Ashley Brechbiel-Public Disorderly Conduct
  • Paul Andre Bremner- Pedestrian in the Roadway
  • Marion Brown III- Reckless Driving
  • Datrion Gamble-Disorderly Conduct
  • Kaci Gerczak- Public Disorderly Conduct
  • Amanda Holt- Public Disorderly Conduct
  • Brittany Martin-Hindering Police
  • Fran Cheker Shaneva Robinson- DUI and Failure to Stop for Blue Lights