BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) — Thursday was an emotional day in a Beaufort County courtroom for the family of a Bluffton High School student gunned down last year.

Two of the suspects in his killing had their first day in court on new charges. Jayden and Shayniah Void are facing assault and battery by mob charges connected to the murder of DJ Fields.

Fields was shot and killed, and two other teens were injured when someone opened fire on the car they were driving along Bluffton Parkway last March.

The Voids faced Accessory to Murder charges last year, charges that the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office later admitted were incorrect and later dropped.

The pair were indicted on the new charges earlier this month. Thursday Solicitor Duffie Stone outlined their role in the killing.

Stone told Judge Carmen Mullen they called two people now charged with DJ’s murder, Ty Chaneyfield and Jimmie Green.

They allegedly informed Green that someone he was looking for, an “opp,” or opposition, that he wanted revenge on for shooting up his house, was in the area.

Stone said video from Wendy’s surveillance camera on Highway 170 showed what the Voids were doing that night.

“They are waiting they are watching,” Stone explained. “They are making phone calls to back that up and then they pull right behind everybody else to see the shooting.”

Stone said Chaneyfield and Green pulled up beside the car Fields was driving along Bluffton Parkway and opened fire. Seventeen shell casings were found on the scene.

Fields was hit with at least one of those bullets in his heart. Edwin Graham, a passenger in the car, was hit in the face. Kylan Simmons, the third passenger, was also injured.

Stone says the Voids’ information was bad. The person Green was looking for according to the Solicitor was Memphis Daniels.

Daniels currently sits in the Beaufort County Jail on five counts of attempted murder in connection with another shooting in Bluffton in early August.

Jayden and Shayniah’s attorneys argued that their clients have been working and living a normal life since the incident and have no connection to any other crimes or gangs.

Stone said the pair was complicit in this crime and Fields’ killing and should stay in jail.

“There was no indication other than they got the wrong people. Other than that the intent played out just as they intended,” Stone said.

More than a dozen members of Fields’ family and friends came to the hearing. His mother and father pleaded with the Judge to keep this pair locked up.

“We had to walk across the stage for our son to receive his high school diploma. It was not supposed to be like that,” said Kema Bryant, Dj’s Mother. “They do not deserve to be free. For the last year and a half almost they have been able to go on about their daily lives while we sit and mourn. I go sit in a cemetery at eating lunch with him. Because that’s what we used to do, we used to go out all the time. I have to sit in a cemetery to see him.”

“We are the only ones that can fight and make sure justice is served for our son,” said an emotional D’won Fields, Sr, DJ’s father. “Your honor if you can find a way to keep violent people off the streets so no one has to go through what we are going through.”

Judge Carmen Mullen only took a minute to deliberate after hearing both sides, believing they were still a public threat, ruling that the Voids would stay in jail until trial.

Shayniah could be seen crying after the Judge’s decision.

Jayden Void is charged with first, second, and third degree assault and battery by mob. Shayniah Void is charged with second and third degree assault and battery by mob.

By law, first degree assault and battery by a mob is when two or more people assault someone, and the victim dies. Second degree assault and battery by mob is when two or more people assault someone, and the attack results in serious bodily injury. Third degree assault and battery by mob is when two or more people assault someone, and it results in bodily injury.

Jimmie Green and Ty Chaneyfield were also supposed to have a bond hearing, but their attorneys waived that right. Both suspects, each charged with Murder, will remain in prison. Green was in the courtroom but did not speak.

Both prosecutors and defense say they want a speedy trial in both cases. Solicitor Stone says his office will be ready when the defense is. That could be as soon as December.