South Carolina Congressman Mark Sanford Holds Heated Town Hall In Hilton Head

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South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford held his 7th town hall in three weeks Saturday at Hilton Head Island High School.

Nearly 300 people showed up to wanting yes or no answers to many of their questions.

One resident asked Sanford, yes or no, would he be willing to give up the “generous” healthcare plan only available to congress and participate in whatever plan congress feels is best for the rest of the country.

Sanford responded he can’t answer in 140 characters like President Trump can, but there are 535 congress members who have to figure it out for everyone, not just some.

Another resident asked if Sanford would vote for or against a wall, “You can’t say yes or no to a billion dollar wall,” Sanford said, “Expanded work permits are a middle ground” where people can still go back to their home countries while also taking part in the economy here.

Many shouts from the crowd wanted Sanford to push for the money going towards a wall to put towards healthcare.

Hilton Head resident, Elyse Miester said she didn’t vote for him, but she’s starting to change her mind about him for holding these town halls. “I really admire him coming out, into this, and I think today, the crowd was a little hostile,” she said.”

The town hall took a turn when President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts were brought up. One resident asked Sanford if he agreed or disagreed with Trump’s budget and Sanford responded that he agreed with some and disagreed with others.

Andy Pracht, another residents said, “Mark Sanford wants to get re-elected, that’s what he’s doing. And that’s why he consistently talks about finding the middle.”

And resident Wayne Rowinksi said he wanted some answers from Sanford. “I’d like to have him be, a little bit more proactive on what he’s doing; and I think, I think he needs to grow a back bone.”

Sanford was recently announced in the top 2 percent of congress members to make themselves available to residents through town halls.

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